Welcome to The Majority’s First 100 Days!

Commit to 100 days of positive engagement!  And share with friends!

The 2016 US Presidential campaign was nasty and the election of Donald Trump shook many people.  But instead of losing heart, its time for us to double down.  Welcome.  Join us for a 3+ month journey into political action and support for progressive social policies.

Why is this called the Majority’s First 100 Days?  Donald Trump was elected by 46.1% of voters and lost the popular vote by a margin of 2.864 million.  What’s more, only 58.9% of eligible voters turned out on November 8, 2016.  Just 27% of eligible voters elected Donald Trump.  You read that right.  One in 4 Americans who could vote cast a ballot for Trump.

But the idea of the “majority” also goes beyond party or politician.  Polls consistently show that a majority of Americans want clean air and safe drinking water; support marriage equality and a legal path to citizenship for undocumented residents; and believe in waiting periods for gun purchases and a ban on gun sales to people on terrorist watch lists.  There is more that unites us than divides us.  We need to act like a majority, stating our beliefs, intervening when we witness hate behaviour, engaging with our elected officials at all levels of government, and voting.  The Majority’s First 100 Days is an action plan design to get us started!

There will 4 types of ACTIONS:

  • ISSUE ACTIONS cover particular topics – immigration, race, women’s rights, voting rights, marriage equality, the environment, etc.  Within an issue, ACTIONS generally follow this pattern over a series of days: learn, discuss, engage on a local/personal level, and weigh in with elected officials.
  • PARTICIPATION ACTIONS focus on becoming more involved, generally.
  • CHOICE ACTIONS invite you to choose and issue to study and tackle.
  • BIG SPLASH DAYS shed light on a particular issue through social media trending.  We’ll use these to build out our network, too. BIG SPLASH  days: 2.14, 3.16, 4.4, and 4.24.

Let us know if you have thoughts, ACTION ideas or other feedback.  In the meantime, sign up and show our family, friends and community that we’re #strongertogether!