Day 91: Tell the EPA to Protect Human Health!

EPA, Do Your Job!

DAY 91 ACTION: Email a comment to EPA, telling them to keep standards in place to protect human health and the environment!

EPA Headquarters, in Washington, DC.

“We’ll be reducing [federal regulations] bigly … the American Dream is back.” – Donald Trump, 1.30.17

Yesterday, we learned about coal’s large but shrinking role in the U.S. power sector, and its enormous health impacts.

On Day 69, we learned that Trump had directed EPA to suspend, revise, or rescind rules that burden the production or use of coal, oil, and gas. Trump also signed a broader Regulatory Reform Executive Order directing agencies to target rules if they “inhibit job creation” or “interfere with regulatory reform initiatives”.

Last Thursday, EPA launched this broader review. The agency will accept comments about its rules by email or on through May 15.

This is a tight schedule, designed to suppress input. But as of last night, more than 3,000 people had already commented. Here’s one example:

I’m old enough to remember orange skies and burning rivers. The regulations that cleaned our air and water need to be strengthened if anything.

When agencies write or rescind a rule, they often have to defend that action in court. The record includes all public comments. Take your stand for public health. Remind EPA it is their job to protect our air and water!

Today’s Action: Email a comment to EPA or write them on Tell them to strengthen, not gut, environmental rules! Use what you learned yesterday. Do you live near a coal-fired power plant? How many deaths and illnesses can be attributed to that plant?


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