Day 80: Register Friends to Vote, Part 2

Voter Registration Drive, Take 2!

DAY 80 ACTION: Share voter registration info with 5 more friends and family members. Post your state’s form on social media!

Anti-suffrage headquarters in New York, 1911. Credit: Harris & Ewing/Library of Congress.

Only 36.4% of eligible voters went to the polls in the mid-terms in 2014, the lowest turnout in 70 years.

We talked about voter registration on Day 16. Since that time, you and many others have made calls, written letters, attended town halls, and otherwise made your voices heard. (By the way, a recent poll by Lake Research Partners found that women have made 86% of anti-Trump calls to Congress!)

These actions are only the first step. We also need to hold elected officials accountable on Election Day. 2017 will feature important races, including state elections in New Jersey and Virginia, and 5 special elections in the House of Representatives (the first is April 18 in the GA-6th!) And the all-important mid-terms are just 37 months away.

As we’ve mentioned, 51 million eligible voters are not registered in the US. Some have never registered. Others make life changes and forget to update their registration. Think about your social circle – just in the last few months, people may have turned 18, or moved out of state or overseas. 

Sharing voter registration information is important, and one-stop websites make it easier than ever. Here are the only links you need:

Today’s Action: Run a second voter registration drive! Email registration information to 5 people you know; ask them to forward it to 5 people THEY know. And post it on social media!


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