Day 78: Syria

Trump Bombs Syrian Air Base

DAY 78 ACTION: Take a few minutes to remember the victims of the Syrian chemical weapons attack, and send your positive thoughts or prayers to their families.

A baby receives treatment after the Syrian government launched a chemical weapons attack in Khan Sheikhoun, April 4. Credit: AFP/Getty

“We cannot let [Syrian refugees] into this country, period.” – Donald Trump, 11.16.15.

“The Secretary of State shall suspend travel of refugees into the United States … for 120 days ….” 3.6.17 Executive Order Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the U.S.

On Day 29, we learned about the Syrian civil war and the refugee crisis it has created. Lately, Syrian government forces have been on the offensive; rebels have been ceding territory and evacuating to smaller strongholds. Syrian President al-Assad has Russia’s backing and recently, the Trump White House said it had accepted the reality of his leadership. That changed this week.

On Tuesday, it appears the Syrian government launched a chemical attack in rebel-held territory. At least 80 people, including many children, were killed. Yesterday, Turkish authorities confirmed the chemical was sarin, a deadly nerve agent.  

This was the worst chemical attack by al-Assad’s army since 2013. At that time, President Obama negotiated a deal with Syria through the Russians to destroy its chemical weapons stockpile and 24 production facilities. 

Russia is standing by the Syrian government, blaming the rebels for the chemical attack. Last night, Trump bombed a Syrian air base. We will learn more in the coming days.

Today’s Action: Take a moment to remember the Syrian victims of the chemical attack, and the many children who have died in the Syrian conflict. 


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