Day 73: Take a Trump Vacation

The World Goes On

DAY 73 ACTION: Take time today to learn about something other than the train wreck unfolding in the White House.

Dr. Peggy Whitson is a biochemist and an astronaut. Beat that with a stick. Credit: Dmitry Lovetsky/AP

“The sky is the daily bread of the eyes.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Many of us have been obsessing over unconstitutional executive orders, draconian budget cuts, and vicious attacks on the media, not to mention Trump’s ties to Russia and Paul Ryan’s catastrophic approval ratings. But meanwhile, life goes on. Many other events – great and small, tragic and uplifting – have taken place since January 21. It is important to hold Trump and Congress accountable. However, we can’t lose sight of everything else.

We went searching for a distraction in the non-political sections of the paper, and found an inspiration. Dr. Peggy Whitson is a biochemist who has worked at Johnson Space Center since 1989. In 1996, at age 36, she was selected as an Astronaut Candidate. By 2009, she was Chief of the Astronaut Corps. Dr. Whitson has supported numerous space missions; she herself has gone to space three times.

Since November, Dr. Whitson has been living on the International Space Station as the oldest astronaut ever to go to space (she’ll turn 57 while in orbit). By the time she returns to earth this summer, Dr. Whitson will have spent more time in outer space than any human being. And just this week, she moved into the top spot for female spacewalking and No. 5 overall, when she left the Space Station to “MacGyver” a broken shield.

Reading about this brave, smart, amazing person made us curious about space and proud to be American. And so, we’re suggesting a day off from Trump, to remember all the other people and events that continue to lead, inspire, challenge, and sustain us.

Today’s Action: Break free from your angry Trump cycle for one day, and focus on an inspiring person or thought-provoking scientific discovery. Restore your sense of wonder, hope, and amazement.


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