Day 69: The Day After

Trump’s War on Science

DAY 69 ACTION: Learn about Trump’s newest Executive Order, undoing eight years of American leadership on climate change.

The top three warmest years on record have been (1) 2016, (2) 2015, and (3) 2014.

“The miners are coming back.” – Donald Trump 

Trump “can’t bring mining jobs back.” – Robert Murray, CEO of the largest coal company in the US.

Yesterday, President Trump signed an “Energy Independence” Executive Order and set in motion a radical agenda to ignore climate science and roll back environmental protections for Americans.

The Order tells EPA to revisit carbon standards for the power sector. This includes the Clean Power Plan, the centerpiece of America’s commitment to international climate targets. The Order also threatens methane standards for oil and gas, which were based on industry-friendly rules in Colorado. 

The Order echoes Trump’s tired narrative, that tackling climate change harms the economy. This ignores the fact that for 30 states and counting, economic growth has diverged from carbon emissions – we don’t need to pollute our way into prosperity. Coal jobs have been on the decline, but largely because of labor-saving techniques like mountain top mining and stiff competition in the power sector from cheap natural gas. We have twice as many solar jobs as coal jobs in America.

The Order also rescinds common-sense policies, like the Preparing for the Impacts of Climate Change Executive Order, which encouraged planning so tax dollars aren’t spent on, say, a coastal highway that will be under water in 20 years. (In Monday’s press call on the order, the White House spokes-person seemed confused and asked to “see the studies” when asked about the economic impact of sea level rise).

Luckily, Trump faces many hurdles to his anti-climate agenda, and many states and private sector actors are committed to a cleaner course. Stay tuned. This isn’t over.

Today’s Action: Learn about Trump’s Newest Executive order and the threats it poses to human health and our planet.


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