Day 62: ACA Repeal Vote

It’s Crunch Time.

DAY 62 ACTION: The House is scheduled to vote on TrumpCare tomorrow. Don’t let 20 MILLION people lose their health care. Call your Representative and tell him/her to vote NO on ACA repeal!

The crowd at a town-hall meeting with Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI), in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. Credit: Lauren Justice for the New York Times

“In health there is freedom. Health is the first of all liberties.” – Henri-Frederic Amiel

Over the past two months, we’ve talked about the Affordable Care Act several times because it’s so important. In that time, Americans have stood up to defend access to health care. But Trump and GOP leadership are determined to repeal the ACA. . . and the House is scheduled to vote on TrumpCare tomorrow. This gives us one more chance to tell our Representatives to vote against ACA repeal!

As we noted on Day 46, the Congressional Budget Office estimates 20 million people will lose health insurance if the ACA is repealed. And, a repeal will increase premiums significantly for many of those who can keep their coverage.

Town halls across the country demonstrate that many of us do not support ACA repeal, or any rollback in coverage or consumer protection for that matter. Meanwhile, some conservative Republican House members oppose the bill because they do not think it goes far enough in gutting the ACA. And yet, members are under enormous pressure from leadership. Yesterday, Trump told House Republicans they would lose their seats in 2018 if they didn’t vote for repeal.

We need to remind our Representatives they’ll lose their jobs if they don’t vote AGAINST ACA repeal. Members really do pay attention to phone calls. If you need help thinking of what to say, check out the scripts offered by the Indivisible Guide.

Today’s Action: Call your Representative and tell him or her to vote NO on ACA repeal. Then call or email 3 friends, and ask them to call their Representatives, too! It takes two minutes and could have a huge impact on the future of our nation’s health care.


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