Day 61: Act on your Local Issue!

“We always hear about the rights of democracy, but the major responsibility of it is participation.” Wynton Marsalis

Day 61 ACTION: Act on your local issue!

Berkeley, California residents crowd a town meeting on affordable housing. Credit: Judith Scherr.

Yesterday, we talked about local government and asked you to identify a local issue that you care about. Today, take the time to figure out which part of your local government handles that issue. Look at their upcoming calendar, or give them a call – do they know about your issue? Are they planning to work on it? How do they plan to address it? Do you agree with their approach? Or, is this an issue they know nothing about? Do they need some education?

Once you’ve figured out who works on your issue, and whether they know about it or plan to work on it, write a letter. Be polite. Describe the problem, and offer a succinct description of your suggested solution. Provide them with the information they need to act. Here are some additional tips for writing an effective advocacy letter.

Share your letter with others! Political action is contagious – let others know what you’re up to and they will join you.

DAY 61: Write a letter to your local government officials about the issue you picked yesterday!


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