Day 58: Lend a Hand to a Stranger!

Lend a helping hand.

DAY 58 ACTION: Do something nice for a stranger.

An employee at a pizza joint in East Cobb, Georgia, looked out the front window and saw an elderly man struggling to cross the street. The young man dropped what he was doing and ran to his aid. Someone around caught it on tape. 

“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama.

The national news these days can be downright depressing. Now more than ever, it’s important to take care of ourselves, our families and friends, and people we haven’t met yet who live in our communities. This weekend is a particularly good time to look for opportunities to lend a helping hand and spread some cheer, because Monday is the 5th International Day of Happiness.

Most of us lead busy lives, timing train or car journeys to arrive just in time for that work meeting, dinner with family or coffee with friends. And along the way, we’re often plugged into devices, creating a barrier to interacting with – or even noticing – other people. Too often, when we do see someone who could use assistance, we pass on, thinking ‘I would help, but I have to…’

But it really is worth it to stop and lend a hand. Not only can you deliver real assistance to someone who is struggling, helping others helps us, too. It reduces stress, makes us feel less isolated and more of a part of our community, and – studies show – can even help us live longer.

Not to mention, as we said on Day 35, we can all use some positivity right now. So reach out and help a stranger today!

**If you need a reminder to be nice, download this Happy Deed app onto your phone!**

Today’s Action: Be on the lookout for ways to help out a stranger. If someone looks lost, ask if they need directions. If they have a stroller or large suitcase, offer to carry it or open the door for them. Understanding our neighbors starts with interacting with them!


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