Day 57: Happy St Patrick’s Day! Celebrate Immigrants!

Happy St. Patricks Day! 

DAY 57 ACTION: In honor of one of our largest immigration groups, celebrate your own immigrant roots. Then, raise a pint of Guinness to our diverse nation!

In 2015, the New York Times searched its archives and documented 29 occasions when a classified ad in the 19th century included these words. 

More than 35 million Americans claim some Irish heritage, including one in four Bostonians.

Today, about 13.5% of America’s population is made up of people who were born in another country. But more than 98% of us come from immigrant stock. Unless we are Native American, our families started somewhere else. Driven by war, famine, poverty, or drawn by educational opportunities or the hope for a better future, our ancestors came to America by land, sea, and air.

Nearly 35 million Americans claim some Irish ancestry – a number seven times larger than the population of the Republic of Ireland. Many Irish came to America starting in the mid-19th century, when Ireland was experiencing a famine. At that time, and into the 20th century, Irish immigrants faced a backlash from people who worried that their religion and culture would clash with “American” values. Many other immigrant groups, through today, have also faced discrimination

And yet, immigration has made America strong, creative, hopeful, and powerful. Our diversity should be celebrated!

**If you have 5 minutes, take a look at these amazing photographs of immigrants coming through Ellis Island. **

Today’s Action: Think about where your family is from, and what brought them to America. Then, go out and raise a glass to the wonderful, diverse, inclusive country that we are. 


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