Day 54: Write Trump a Postcard!

Write a Postcard and Give Donald Trump a Piece of Your Mind!

DAY 54 ACTION: Write a postcard to Donald Trump, asking him to do the right thing on one issue that you care about. Be part of The Ides of Trump project!

1938 Postcard of Texas. Credit: Houston Chronicle/Lake County Museum, Getty Images

Enlightened statesmen will not always be at the helm. – Federalist No. 10

We figured we’re probably not the only ones who yell at NPR in the morning, as if Trump can hear us through the speakers. So we went looking for a project that lets us express ourselves in a more effective way. We heard about The Ides of Trump from former Peace Corps volunteers who were writing postcards for this campaign.

The campaign disavows violence, despite the history of The Ides of March. The purpose of the project is to send 1 million postcards to “The President (for now)” on March 15 – tomorrow!

Your postcard might ask Trump to come clean about ties with Russia, or to stop Congress from taking health care from 14 million people (in the first year). It might ask him to fire EPA head Scott Pruitt for saying he doesn’t believe carbon dioxide causes global warming, or to divest from his business interests while President. It is entirely up to you!

So pick up a postcard, and start writing! Better yet, pick up 5 postcards and hand them out to friends and family. Organize a postcard writing campaign over your lunch hour, or at the dinner table. We’ll remind you tomorrow to mail the card.

Today’s Action: Buy a postcard!! Address it to: The President (for now), 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20500. If you take a picture of it and post it on social media #TheIdesofTrump, your postcard will be officially counted towards the goal of 1 million postcards!


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