Day 52: Spring Forward!

Spring Forward and Get a Jump on Spring!

DAY 52 ACTION: Turn your clocks ahead one hour in the U.S. and get a jump on spring by spending time outside! 

Photo taken near to one of the monuments in a mountain in Bulgaria. Credit: Alex Dimitrov (Wikipedia Commons)

Many of us live amid the hustle and bustle of cities, or drive in long commutes to indoor jobs. We don’t spend much time outside, ambling in a park or forest. In fact, the EPA suggests that Americans spend 90% of their lives indoors. But science is proving what lots of us know intuitively – being in nature is good for your physical and mental health. A walk in the woods helps reduce stress and depression, improve short-term memory, and boost creativity.

Connecting with nature also makes us feel a part of something bigger and increases feelings of openness and generosity with others. And people who spend more time outdoors are more supportive of efforts to preserve our environment. That nature hike or cross-country ski expedition might just lead to a Sierra Club membership!

So spring off the couch and spend time outside today. If it’s warm enough, sit in a park or under a tree. If you’re in the part of the US facing record cold temps, layer up, take a brisk walk in the woods and then treat yourself to a steaming mug of cocoa. 

Today’s Action: Get a jump on Spring by spending time outdoors today! Make it a social event and take pictures of your outdoor adventure. Let’s #springforward!


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