Day 49: ACA and Planned Parenthood – Accessible Care for Women!

Congress strikes another blow at women’s health care.

DAY 49 ACTION: Learn how the bill to gut the ACA would significantly restrict women’s access to health care. Tell Congress to back off women’s health care and reproductive rights!!

Birth control activist Margaret Sanger in the Brownsville clinic, ca. Oct. 1916. The clinic was closed 9 days and Sanger was jailed, for violating obscenity laws. Source: Staff of Margaret Sanger Papers project, NYU, 2014; Flickr Commons, 2014; Planned Parenthood.

“A woman’s health is her capital.” Harriet Beecher Stowe

Yesterday was International Women’s Day. The U.S. House of Representatives chose to celebrate the day by marking up legislation to end the Affordable Care Act. On Day 46, we noted GOP leadership hopes to rush the bill through Congress, before its cost or contents are understood. In addition to threatening coverage for millions of Americans, the bill denies Medicaid payments to Planned Parenthood. 60% of clients access care through Medicaid or another low-income federal program.

The bill also refuses tax credits to women who purchase plans that cover abortion, effectively ending private coverage for this legal procedure.

Recently, Trump’s Administration suggested Planned Parenthood funding might continue if the clinics agreed to stop providing abortions. They refused. Trump also reinstated the “global gag rule”, preventing USAid from funding organizations that offer or even provide information about abortion. This decision undercuts the health of women worldwide, and other countries are scrambling to make up the shortfall.

There is a clear pattern here – to deny women access to affordable health care. Let’s stand up to defend this access!

Today’s Action: Learn how Trumpcare tramples on women’s health care, and share this with your social networks. Call or email your member of Congress and Paul Ryan and tell them to back off women’s health care. 

WANT TO DO MORE??? Support Planned Parenthood and access to affordable women’s health care.


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