Day 46: Protect the Affordable Care Act!

House GOP Leadership wants to gut the ACA before anyone notices.

DAY 46 ACTION: Call your U.S. Rep and tell them, don’t end health care for 20 million people! ASK A FRIEND to join the Majority’s First 100 Days and call Congress, too!

Town Hall for All, Feb. 24, 2017, Cottonwood High School, Salt Lake City, Utah. Credit: NYT/Kim Raff

The House Republicans may mark up and vote on a bill to gut the Affordable Care Act this week, with no hearings.

On Day 25, we learned about the Affordable Care Act. On Day 27, we called our Reps to tell them, no ACA repeal without a replacement!! 

It’s time for another call. In the last 2 months, U.S. reps have faced angry constituents in town halls, and received thousands of letters and phone calls, concerned about health care. Yet House GOP leaders plan to steamroll the ACA as soon as this week. Their strategy? Move quickly and secretly. This is not what democracy looks like!

** If you have 5 minutes, check out this short video of a town hall meeting this weekend in Dallas, and read how the Colorado delegation has never seen this much public engagement. **

Senator Rand Paul (who thinks the ACA should be repealed with NO replacement) went looking for the “secret” House health care bill last week. Thursday, House Democrats wrote a letter asking the House to hold informational hearings, and calculate what the replacement is going to cost taxpayers, before the bill is voted on. We deserve a transparent process!

20 million people have insurance today because of the Affordable Care Act. 3.6 million of those were denied coverage because of a pre-existing illness, before Obamacare prohibited this behavior by insurance companies. Look up your district here to see what’s at stake with an ACA repeal.

Today’s Action: Call your U.S. Rep (here are the numbers, if you don’t already have your rep’s # in your phone) and tell them to (1) protect coverage for 20 million people! and (2) hold hearings before taking any steps to change or repeal the ACA.


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