Day 37: Learn About Another Country!

Reject Isolationism.

DAY 37 ACTION: Read a news story about a country you have never visited and discuss it with others.
Women waiting in line at a health clinic in South Sudan. Credit: Reuters/Siegfried Modola

Expand your horizons!

New legislative threats loom, with Congress returning to work on Monday. Today’s action, however, responds to two threatening trends we see from the White House: growing hostility to a free press; and an “America first” posture that could isolate us from the rest of the world.

On the press front, yesterday the White House blocked reporters from CNN, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and other outlets from a White House briefing. Time and the Associated Press then refused to join the briefing, in protest. The same day, in a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference, President Trump repeated his charge that “the fake media is the enemy of the people.”

When Trump is not bullying the press, he’s advocating a retreat from the world stage. The National Review has said Trump sees foreign relations as a “zero sum game” and fails to understand our national security depends on strong alliances. Then yesterday, we heard a powerful rebuke of isolationism from another retiring senior diplomat. Dan Fried argued that “an open, rules-based world, with a united West at its core, is an asset and great achievement,” and should be built upon. He also rejected any notion that the U.S. is an “ethno-state”, saying, “the option of a white man’s republic ended at Appomattox.

Today, you can support the media and reject isolationism in one swift action! The world is full of amazing places, and beautiful people, and many good and bad events take place without our noticing. Read, learn, and discuss!

Today’s Action: Find a news story about another part of the world. Read it. Then talk about it! Why did it interest you? What did you learn? What new questions do you have?


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