Day 36: Make Trump the Issue – Support Ossoff in the GA-6 Election!

Help flip a seat in the House!

DAY 36 ACTION: Donate, volunteer and register voters in Georgia’s 6th District.

Meet Jon Ossoff. He’s a Democrat running for Tom Price’s seat in Georgia. Credit: AP/John Bazemore

The first Congressional race is on.

In January 2010, the House and Senate were controlled by Democrats. They were advancing health care, climate and Wall Street reform legislation. And then . . . a dark horse Republican candidate beat the presumptive Democrat in the Massachusetts Senate race following Ted Kennedy’s death. Many mark that victory as the start of the Tea Party movement.

The media has drawn parallels between anti-Trump protests and the Tea Party. The comparison only goes so far. And yet, just as in 2010, the Majority has an opportunity to test anti-Trump sentiment early at the polls. Let’s seize it!!

The 6th District of Georgia lies in an affluent northern suburb of Atlanta. The district has been considered safely Republican, but Trump only won by 1 point there in 2016. Tom Price was Congressman before he became Secretary of Health and Human Services. (Readers may recall Price obtained this post despite introducing legislation to directly benefit a medical device company after purchasing its stock.)

On April 18, candidates will run in a “jungle primary”, where anyone can vote for any candidate regardless of party. The top two candidates will then face each other in a runoff in June.
Emerging from the field of Democrats is Jon Ossoff, a 30-year old Atlanta native with degrees from Georgetown and the London School of Economics. Jon was a Hill staffer for 5 years and now works for a documentary film company exposing corruption and human rights abuses.

Jon is making the campaign a referendum on Donald Trump. The National Democratic Party is intrigued but has not committed full-time staff yet. This is the perfect place for the grassroots Majority to step in!

Today’s Action: Donate to the Ossoff campaign on his site, or through the national party (he gets less of your $$ but the party knows people are taking him seriously). Tweet him support. Volunteer. And if you know anyone in that district, make sure they are registered to vote before March 20!


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