Day 35: Do Something Nice!

Do Something Kind Today.

DAY 35 ACTION: Take a deep breath, go outside, and be a good neighbor today.

Albany, CA neighbors painted this mural, to cover “white power” graffiti and swastikas that appeared near a local bike trail after the election.

Make America Nice Again!

Yesterday, we started going through the thousands of pages of emails between Scott Pruitt’s office and industry. The emails confirm that the former Oklahoma AG had a tight relationship with oil and gas companies. He even sent letters and petitions to agencies written almost verbatim by these companies – leading one Sierra Club staffer to say that Pruitt and industry had a “cut and paste type relationship“. Last Friday, the Senate rushed Pruitt’s vote to become EPA Administrator, to beat a court-ordered deadline to produce these emails.

We might turn back to these emails tomorrow. Or, there might be another distressing issue to cover. But in the meantime, we want to share a feel-good story with you and hope that it inspires more kindness. We could all use this kind of positivity right now!

A reader shared today’s picture, and described how her neighborhood rallied together after racist graffiti appeared on fences along a bike trail. They took a negative, threatening statement and made it a symbol of neighborhood pride and unity, by designing and painting this colorful mural. 

No, we don’t need to all run out and paint murals today. But we should be on the lookout for opportunities to commit random acts of kindness. The Southern Poverty Law Center has published a guide on 10 Ways to Fight Hate, which is a good place to start. Or just a good old fashioned smile or an offer of assistance will go a long way.

Today’s Action: Do something nice today! 


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