Day 31: Join an Indivisible Group in Your Area!

Congress works for us. 

DAY 31 ACTION: Learn how to marry Tea Party tactics with a progressive vision for our country.

Indivisible was started by a group of former Hill staffers from progressive offices. They are organizing in a community near you.

Congress is on recess this week. (Wouldn’t that be nice?) They need to hear from us!

From a capacity standpoint, it’s understandable why Republicans in Congress can’t find the time to investigate Trump Administration ties to Russia. After all, they are too busy gutting sensible safeguards, moving to strip more than 20 million people of their health insurance, censoring Elizabeth Warren, and jamming through the EPA Administrator’s nomination to beat the release of emails describing his shadowy ties to oil. 

But it is worth questioning their priorities. Do the values of the current Republican leadership reflect the majority of Americans? We think not. And with Congress out on recess and back in their home states, it’s the perfect time to let them know we oppose their agenda.

A group of former Hill staffers have published a guide for taking back Congress. The strategies are ripped from the Tea Party playbook – go local, be persistent, focus on defense – but they advocate using these strategies to win back a more tolerant, hopeful, peaceful, and just America. Within weeks of going live, Indivisible’s website has had 14 million views.

** If you have 2 minutes, watch this video by Robert Reich, a former Labor Secretary under President Clinton, about how Indivisible can help you get involved. **

More than 7200 Indivisible groups have popped up all over the country, from Idaho to Missouri. Find a chapter near you!! They can alert you to upcoming Town Hall meetings – where Members won’t hold a meeting, a chapter could hold its own!  

Today’s Action: Learn about the Indivisible movement and sign up for a chapter near you! Follow them on social media @IndivisibleGuide.


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