Day 27: Tell Congress No ACA Repeal without a Replacement!

Congressional Republicans don’t have a plan for health care. They were hoping you wouldn’t notice.

DAY 27 ACTION: Keep the heat on Congress – say NO to repeal of health care!  Call your Congressional Representative or Health Subcommittee Chair Michael Burgess (R-TX26 – Dallas-Ft. Worth area) and tell them, Keep your hands off of the Affordable Care Act!

Protestors at the Republican Caucus retreat in Pennsylvania last month. Credit: Tom Mihalek, Reuters. Featured in a Time article.

Monday, we talked about the Affordable Care Act. Yesterday, we suggested you do something nice for your heart and schedule a physical, before any drastic changes are made to your coverage. Today, it’s time for some political action.

Republican members of Congress are feeling anxious in the face of growing opposition to gutting the Affordable Care Act. Some politicians worry that Trumpcare could be their downfall, if they don’t come up with an effective replacement first.

Republicans are facing large crowds looking for answers about their health care. One cancer survivor told House Speaker Paul Ryan point-blank that the Affordable Care Act “saved my life“. Some Members of Congress have responded by avoiding their constituents – hosting “town hall” conference calls from New Jersey to New Mexico, rather than meeting their constituents in person.

So far, however, the phones are still working on Congressional offices. That’s why we urge you to call your Rep today, to tell them to leave the Affordable Care Act alone, unless and until they work up a viable, equally protective alternative; debate its merits; and enact it.

Need help figuring out who your Congressional rep is? Find them using your zip code, on this site.

Today’s Action: Call your Congressional Representative and tell them not to repeal the Affordable Care Act. If you have coverage because of the ACA, tell them your story! You can also call Health Subcommittee Chair Michael Burgess at +1-202-225-7772. BONUS if you’re from his district (TX26)!


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