Day 26: Take Care of your Heart! Schedule a Checkup!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Send a Valentine to your heart.

DAY 26 ACTION: Schedule an appointment for a physical, while you have insurance!

You have one of these. Take care of it!

Health insurance is up in the air. Get in to see your doctor now!

Yesterday, we talked about the Affordable Care Act. There’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding the fate of the expanded health care provided by the ACA. Moreover, Republicans are discussing proposals to privatize Medicaid. People with Medicare are worried about the fate of that program as well.

Heart disease was the #1 cause of death in 2011. Someone has a heart attack every 34 seconds; someone dies from a heart-disease related event every minute. BUT, since 2009, death rates for heart disease and stroke have declined 20.8% and 24.4%. The difference? Preventive medicine.

These days, many of us are feeling the stress of a bitter election season and the chaos caused by the new Administration. This can be bad for hearts. But we need you to be healthy, to defend our civil liberties and protect vulnerable people bearing the brunt of this Administration’s policies.

You might be a young person just starting your career. You might be self-employed. Perhaps you work, but earn a small income. Or, you’ve reached the age of 65. There are many reasons why you might depend on private insurance through Affordable Care Act exchanges, or government insurance through Medicaid or Medicare. Given the volatility of the insurance landscape, treat your heart today and schedule a physical! 

Today’s Action: If you haven’t had a physical in awhile, schedule one today!! We need you healthy for the next four years! And if you have health care through an ACA exchange or through Medicaid or Medicare, it’s a good idea to get a physical NOW, before any changes are made to your coverage.


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