Day 24: Another Group we Love – 100Days/100Dollars

100Days/100Dollars Offers Another Easy Way to Act!

DAY 24 ACTION: Learn about the terrific organizations that 100Days/100Dollars is supporting – and consider joining!

A subscriber introduced us to the founders of 100Days/100Dollars and we loved their project. Consider joining them today!

Many of us are trying to figure out what we can do, to channel our fears and anxieties about the Trump Administration in positive ways. With so many people and policies under threat, it can be overwhelming. That’s why we started The Majority’s First 100 Days, to offer a bit of context, discuss the workings of government, and suggest simple ways to engage on issues that we care about and want to defend.

Along the way, we’ve stumbled across a number of other amazing projects, including 100Days/100Dollars. This group aims to mobilize 1,000 people to give $1 a day for the first 100 days of this Administration. They’ve decided “[w]e need to invest time, energy, and resources into making real change—voting isn’t enough.”

100Days/100Dollars will divide the dollars they raise evenly between 3 civil liberties organizations:

To date, 100Days/100Dollars has raised more than $17,000. They are just about on track . . . but they would welcome your help! Sign up on their website or follow them on Instagram!

Today’s Action: Consider joining 100Days/100Dollars and help them reach their fundraising goal of $100,000!


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