Day 19: Take Two…

Another chance at two past actions . . . and a call to share with friends!


(1) Call your Senators once more (+1-202-224-3121) to stop the DeVos nomination.  

(2) Sign our Dreamer petition (most of you haven’t!) and ask others to sign as well!

Take two…

We have more than 100 actions in our pipeline, just waiting to be sent. But some days it’s worth backtracking. Today is one of those days.

At 12 Eastern/9 am Pacific, the Senate will vote on Betsy DeVos’ nomination for Secretary of Education. Her vote has been postponed several times. The vote count stands at 50-50, meaning the Vice President would have to break the tie to confirm DeVos. Or . . . your calls could convince one more Republican to change their vote!

** If you have 3 minutes, take a look at the short list of tie-breaking votes in Senate history. **

All 46 Democrats, 2 Independents (Angus King of Maine and Bernie Sanders of Vermont), and 2 Republicans (Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska) will vote NO on DeVos. The Democrats have been on the Senate floor all night to explain why they oppose DeVos’ nomination. Here are 5 good reasons why DeVos should not be the next Secretary of Education

At 3 pm Pacific time/6 pm Eastern time, the Ninth Circuit will hear Trump’s request to reinstate the Muslim ban and refugee freeze. A lower court in Washington halted the ban on Friday.

** If you have 3 minutes, listen to this interview with Congressman Seth Moulton, a former Marine who calls the ban “fundamentally un-American” and harmful to national security. If you have an hour, listen LIVE to the court hearing at this link. **

Pledging your support to the Dreamers is a good way to mark this important day in the legal battle for immigration rights.

Today’s Actions: (1) Call your Senators (+1-202-224-3121) before noon Eastern. If your Senators are voting no on DeVos, thank them! They need to know you support their fight. Anyone else? Tell them to vote NO. (2) Sign the Dreamer petition!


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