Day 16: Voter Registration Drive!

Make sure your friends and family are registered to vote!

DAY 16 ACTION: Share voter registration information with 5 friends or family members

Women casting votes in New York, 1917. NY granted women suffrage that year. Wyoming was the first state to allow women to vote, when it was admitted to the union in 1890.

We’ve read a lot about voting rights and voting systems this week . . . now’s the time for some action!  

Voter registration drives often take place right before a registration deadline. But noone has to wait for that last minute frenzy. You can register any time! There are big state elections in New Jersey and Virginia this year, for governor and state legislators. And across the country in 2017, local elected positions and ballot measures will be put to the voters.  

You probably think everyone you know is registered. Not true! About 51 million eligible voters are not registered in the US. Some people have never registered. Others registered long ago and then moved, or just never returned the registration confirmation notice that sometimes arrives in the mailbox. College and graduate students very often forget to register in the state of academic residence, and then do not complete absentee ballots for home. Sharing voter registration information – and talking about voter registration – is important!!

Today’s Action: Run your own voter registration drive! Email this information to 5 people you know and ask them to forward it to 5 people THEY know. 31 states and Washington, DC will let you register online (scroll midway down the page for links to each state’s online reg site). For other states, fill out a registration postcard, filing in the state-specific address.  


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